Celebrating a milestone month

I've been remiss in providing regular updates on my quest to turn this whole sports-blogging hobby into at least something of a significant side income, if not a career, but good news has a way of prompting action. That, and I've been heads-down busy working on a few different fronts to push things forward...

First off, the milestone - July marks my first "4-figure" month, with total earnings topping the $1,000 mark by a significant margin (and we're only halfway through!). This is a pretty huge step, as I was looking back over the years last night. Until 2009 I didn't make a dime off of any of this. In 2010, total income was around $500. In 2011, about $1,200. So things are definitely headed in the right direction. This, despite Hockey Gear HQ taking a bit of a hit in traffic, which I suspect may be the result of the Google Penguin update, but can't be entirely sure. The good news is that the traffic that does end up there monetizes very well. Helping people save money on hockey equipment provides real value to them (there have been a few instances recently where someone buys about $1,500 in equipment, saving 15-20% thanks to coupon codes shared there, for example).

Secondly, I have a number of exciting projects in various stages of development (including two new websites, and at least one e-book) that will keep me busy over the next couple months, and which I hope will offer outstanding value to their intended audiences. I'm also developing a Media Kit for OTF, so that local businesses who would like to reach our readership there can clearly understand what options are available (we reach anywhere from 4,000-8,000 visitors every day, so if you're interested, email me at the.forechecker@gmail.com).

Where I could use some help

It's a busy, busy time - at times, too busy for my scatter-brained self. If I could use help in one particular area, it would be that of administration/organization. I know there are things to be done in that regard (incorporation, separate bank account, formalizing a business plan, etc.), but that's a total fog to me, and always seems to fall by the wayside when priorities get set.

So if you have any suggestions to offer in that area (resources, guides, services, etc.), I'd love to read them! Either comment below, catch me on Twitter at @Forechecker, or email me at the.forechecker@gmail.com).

And stay tuned! I'm really excited about what the rest of 2012 might bring...