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Go out to eat, support the Predators

With tonight being the (preseason) home opener for the Nashville Predators, I thought it a good time to unveil an updated version of my "Nashville Predators Supporters" map over at Google Maps. Basically, it's a map that shows restaurants and bars that are supporting the Nashville Predators, as derived from two sources: the first being the Predators' own website listing, and the second being an email communication from the Our Team Nashville group that noted some success stories from earlier this summer.
One caveat: I know this list is incomplete, as I had to make each entry manually on this map and some franchises (like Starbucks, Taco Bell, etc.) were simply too numerous to capture every location. If you have a business that should be added to this list, please reply in the comments below and I'll be sure to add it.

The bottom line is, you can let these sponsors know that you appreciate their support of the Predators by patronizing their business, and in particular by thanking the management. It could be as simple as writing "Thanks for supporting the Preds" on your bill, or seeking out the manager and passing the word along personally. And keep in mind, this doesn't have just drive your selection on where to grab a bite before going to a game - let it inform your decisions on a daily basis, if you like. I've tried to include locations outside of downtown Nashville, for those of you who live or work in the surrounding area.
Perhaps what's most notable is not so much which businesses are on this list, but which ones are not, particularly the big chains which are certainly able to afford it (as opposed to me bashing a mom-and-pop place that doesn't have that kind of overhead). Again, I'm open to correcting this list if my information is incorrect, but here are a few examples:
Fast Food
Non-supporters: McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Chick-Fil-A, Wendy's, Sonic
Family Dining
Non-supporters: Outback, Logan's Roadhouse, Beef O'Brady's, TGI Friday's, Ruby Tuesdays
Supporters: Papa John's
Non-supporters: Domino's
Again, feel free to add to or correct this listing in the comments below, and let these businesses know that supporting the Predators can be a smart business move. There's no more direct form of communication with them than through the dollars you spend in their establishments.

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