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Long as in... short

Thanks, TSN, now I have to clean off my monitor, after reading the intro to this article about the latest Phoenix Coyotes debacle, and spewing my drink as a result:

"Jeremy Roenick's decision to walk out on the Phoenix Coyotes
Tuesday night could have long term ramifications for his career in
Who said anything about Jeremy Roenick having any kind of "long term" career left in him? JR's been one of the great stars of the NHL for the last 15 years or so, but coming out of the lockout he didn't do anything for the Kings last year, and clearly is a step behind the modern game.
If I was in his shoes and got scratched, I'd head out and get a nice dinner, too - why settle for lousy, overpriced arena food?

It's (long past) time for JR to transition into being a TV analyst, which is probably something he could do rather well. He's also been a "good quote", and the NHL is desperately in need of entertaining, insightful (not to mention American) talent to help sell the game in the U.S.

As Off Wing Opinion highlights today, youth hockey in the U.S. is in dire straits. Perhaps JR would also make a good spokesman for those efforts.

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